A Fundraising Overview from the Annual Fund Co-Chairs

By Marc Johnson ’74, P’08,’11,’14; Greenwich, CT, and Scott Vallar ’78, P’12,’14; Bedford, NY

Have you heard of “the gap?” The gap is the difference between the real cost of a Deerfield education, which is approximately $78,000 per student per year, and the actual tuition charged for each student, which is approximately $45,000. Deerfield Academy’s endowment provides a significant portion of the difference between this cost and tuition, but not all of it.  This is why we ask parents, and alumni, to help support the school as generously as they are able.

Gifts to the Annual Fund not only help fill the gap, but they are direct investments in programs benefitting current students, including an ongoing expansion of current faculty to support the “high touch model”; a diverse and competitive athletic program; a high-quality visual and performing arts program; and enhanced student initiatives, such as the freshmen class retreat, baseline academic testing, and improved academic counseling.

Beginning in the next few weeks, volunteers, parents, and alumni will be reaching out to the entire Deerfield community for support. Specifically, a parent volunteer will be calling parents of underclassmen regarding a contribution to the Deerfield Academy Annual Fund.  At the same time, parents with a child graduating in the class of 2012 will be contacted by the Senior Parent Committee and asked to consider a gift that is a multiple of their historical Annual Fund giving (such an amount could be payable over three to five years).  And, throughout the year, Deerfield alums will be contacting their fellow classmates with a request to support the DA Annual Fund.  The Academy has a long-established history of contributions to the Annual Fund from all of the sources identified above. It is a full-on effort that is conducted annually and with enthusiasm for our shared love of the school and its mission.

Many current parents have volunteered to assist in this effort. We would ask that you please respond to them when contacted, either by telephone or e-mail.  The volunteer will be asking you to donate a specific amount and if the amount is larger than you are comfortable with, then please give what you can. Of course, if you are in a position to give more than what has been requested, please do so. Remember the gap. You can also consider pledging a larger amount that is payable over the remaining time that your child is attending Deerfield. Finally, participation in and of itself is very valuable, for even the smallest donation is an indication of your support for Deerfield Academy.  Each class hopes to get one hundred percent participation.  And all pledges to the Annual Fund go toward the $200 million Imagine Deerfield campaign.

Whether you are a returning parent or your child has just arrived at Deerfield, it is important to know that the depth and strength of Deerfield’s programs are possible because of the generous support of parents and alumni over the years.   Please help to continue this tradition by giving generously to the Annual Fund.

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