Deerfield’s Daffodils: A Parent Community Service Project

By Kelly Pasciucco, P’10, P’13; Greenwich, CT
One of the first signs of spring in the Pioneer Valley is the appearance of bright and hardy daffodils shortly after the last stubborn, dirty snow pile melts. The sight of such a happy harbinger usually brings thoughts of all things new and hopeful. This spring, we hope their appearance will mean even more.

As a part of our new First Link Program, where we link new families and parents with current Deerfield families and parents, we will be planting daffodil bulbs on campus. The new families and their First Link families will be gardening together in carefully laid out areas on campus from 8:30-10:30 AM on Saturday, October 22, during Fall Parents Weekend.

The objectives of the First Link Program, the sense of inclusion and the welcome of new members into our community, will pay powerful dividends in terms of strengthening the ties that bind the broader Deerfield community. The annual appearance of the yellow blossoms will not only beautify the campus, but provide a visual and tactile reminder of the long-term benefits of this Program.

Deerfield Parents Network’s Kelly Pasciucco, Phyllis Powers and Linda Whitton are coordinating the planting program with Denise Dwelley at the Physical Plant and will work with the school’s groundskeepers to put in place a multi-year plan for planting zones on campus. To volunteer for the project, please email

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