Khaleh Thomas

Science Teacher

Dr. Khaleh Thomas recently concluded her graduate studies in Biochemistry at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Khaleh received her B.S. in Chemistry from Valdosta State University, where she also played varsity women’s basketball. After undergrad, she visited South Africa to study the AIDS pandemic and disparities in healthcare systems. An interesting fact about Khaleh is that she and her sisters all graduated at the top of their respective high school classes. Before entering graduate school, Khaleh worked as a quality testing chemist at the local pulp and paper mill in her hometown Brunswick, GA. Her research interests include enzyme kinetics in relation to metal cofactor biosynthesis in bacteria. When not teaching or doing research, Khaleh enjoys playing the piano, traveling, working out, reading crime novels, and volunteering as a mentor at her church. Khaleh moves to Deerfield with her lovely wife Tiffany.