Kwasi Cudjoe


Kwasi was born and grew up in the West African country of Ghana where he lived in many regions due to his father’s work. As a footballer/soccer player in HS he played as a striker/center forward and at right wing positions. An enthusiastic and hardworking player; he was nominated twice for leading goal scorer in his second and fourth of five years at Navasco Secondary School of the Upper East Region of Ghana. After graduating high school, he joined a local youth Division II team the Kumasi Corner Stones, where he excelled and honed his skills and was promoted to the Upper West Region; WA-All Stars.  He played for a small team in Accra called the Chicago Stars and was afforded the opportunity to travel to Denmark for professional team trials where a previous injury closed the door on his dreams. He continued to work as a coach in Youth Leagues in and around Accra.

Kwasi speaks four Ghanaian languages as well as English and holds certificates in Shipping Management from studies in Tema Community College, Ghana and has attended Liberal Arts classes at GCC. His travels include Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso in West Africa and so far in the US he has been to California, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, New York and the New England states. He currently lives in Greenfield MA and helps coach the boys varsity soccer team at Deerfield.