Heather Wakeman

Assistant Director, Center for Service and Global Citizenship

Passionate about travel, community, leadership and the environment, Heather received her master’s in Natural Science Education and Environmental and Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming and Teton Science Schools. During her time at Teton Science Schools, she taught place-based experiential education in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and developed her skills as a professional leader by working on teaching teams, hosting school programs and leading field teams of students on day hikes, canoe trips, snowshoe hikes, cross-country ski trips, and camping trips. Her master's research critically examined the intersections of critical pedagogy with place-based education. As an undergraduate, Heather attended Bucknell University for a B.A. in women's and gender studies, where she conducted award-winning research on the intersection of knowledge, ignorance and female sexuality. In the summer, she is the leadership instructor for Broadreach's Sailing & Leadership college program, a 34-day, sailing-intensive 800nm trip through the arc of the Caribbean. Heather has visited over 20 countries, loves to sail, ski, fish, and SUP.