David Thiel

Assistant Head of School for Strategy and Planning

David graduated from Deerfield in 1991 and double-majored in English and biology at the University of Rochester. Immediately after college, he co-founded a strategic branding and communications agency, contributing graphic and information design, photography, writing, and strategic planning—serving as creative director and then as CEO. David earned his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester in 2007.

David returned to Deerfield in 2008 and served as Director of Communications until 2017. In his current role as Assistant Head of School for Strategy and Planning, David provides strategic planning, research, documentation, and decision support related to long-term strategy and institutional alignment.

David teaches design and serves as one of the principle contributors to Deerfield's innovation laboratory.

He resides in Heimroth House with his wife Vita and two sons. David is an avid woodworker, photographer, backpacker, and cyclist.