David Miller

Director of Educational Initiatives, Director of the Center for Service and Global Citizenship

A traveler to over thirty-five countries, David became involved with study abroad programs during his years at Bates College, where he received departmental honors in both Anthropology and Environmental Studies and spent his summers working for Academic Treks/Broadreach, leading teens on study trips to the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Mexico. After graduating from Bates in 2008, David taught at The Island School in The Bahamas for three years. He also served as The Island School’s Dean of Students for one year before returning to this country to complete a M.Ed. in Learning and Teaching, Instructional Leadership, at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. David served as the Co-Chair of the Curriculum and Assessment Development Committee for the College Board's AP Capstone Seminar Course, and he is involved in national conversations about risk management for secondary school study abroad. At Deerfield, David serves as the Director of Educational Initiatives and the Director of the Center for Service and Global Citizenship. In that role he oversees all global, service, sustainability, and summer programs at the Academy, and serves as a member of the Senior Staff.