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“The prints in this show explore line and form and color while seeking to express the sense of play and fun in their creation. As in much art, play is an important aspect of the work. Viewers may see in these prints a combination of play and seriousness and have a conversation with the work that combines both aspects, but there are as many potential conversations as there are prints and viewers and artists!”

Peter Kemble, 2017

Suggested visual exercises to do in the gallery

Observing and Sharing:

1. How many different types of lines can you identify in Peter Kemble’s work?

2. Choose a color or shape from one of the artworks and look for it EVERYWHERE.
How many times can you find that color or shape in other pieces in the gallery? Share what you find with a classmate, a friend or another visitor to the gallery.

3. Can you find a bird, the silhouette of a woman and a lamp in this group of prints?

4. Identify one or two prints that, in your opinion, bring out the “playfulness” and “seriousness” that the artist refers in the quote above.

5. If you were a print in this show, which one would you like to be?

6. Walk around the gallery, choose a print, and find a connection between the title of the work and the image.

Writing and Sharing:

1. Write a letter to a friend describing in detail one of the prints in the gallery.

2. Inspired by the print “Concentrating All Life in Herself,” write a short story or a poem.

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