Testing Office & NCAA Eligibility

  • Does Deerfield offer on-site testing such as SATs and AP Exams?

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    On-site testing is available for most SAT, AP, and ACT tests. Students must register for SATs through the College Board website;  ACT through ACT website; and AP exams via the Testing Coordinator. Tests not offered on-site, may be taken at a testing center in their area. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

  • How do I register for standardized tests?

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    • SAT: College Board website with school code 220685
    • ACT: ACT website with center code 234820
    • AP: via Mrs. Thiel, the testing coordinator
    • PSAT: all sophomores and juniors are automatically registered
  • Are fee waivers available for standardized tests?

    Juniors and seniors who qualify for fee waivers for standardized tests, such as the SAT and AP, should contact Mrs. Thiel for a special code to register online.