Finance Office

  • How do I open a checking account at a nearby bank?

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    The Finance Office will help you open a personal checking account at a local bank in Greenfield. After the initial deposit, the student is responsible for the account. 

  • I’ve lost my ID card. How do I get a replacement?

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    If you lose your ID card during the course of the year, report the loss and get a replacement immediately. Replacement ID cards cost $10, and the Finance Office will provide them.

  • Does the Finance Office cash checks?

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    The Finance Office will cash personal checks up to $250, except those drawn on overseas banks. If you wish to cash overseas checks, you should set up a local bank account.

  • Do students have ID cards?

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    Each student is issued a photo ID card at the beginning of the school year, which he or she can use to access dormitories, check out materials at the library and make purchases at campus stores (Hitchcock House, Athletic Store, Greer Store, and Louis Cafe). Our present card system is now being converted from a charge system to a debit system. Parents will receive information in August 2016 as to how to apply funds and set up this debit account.