Finance Office

  • How do I open a checking account at a nearby bank?

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    The Finance Office will help you open a personal checking account at a local bank in Greenfield. After the initial deposit, the student is responsible for the account. 

  • I’ve lost my ID card. How do I get a replacement?

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    If you lose your ID card during the course of the year, report the loss through the OneCard Portal on DA Info, and get a replacement immediately. Replacement ID cards cost $10, and the Finance Office will provide them.

  • Does the Finance Office cash checks?

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    The Finance Office will cash personal checks up to $250, except those drawn on overseas banks. If you wish to cash overseas checks, you should set up a local bank account.

  • Do you offer tuition payment plans?

    We offer a 9-month tuition payment plan through FACTS Tuition Management. This plan begins in June and runs through February. FACTS offers the flexibility of choosing your payment due date and setting up automatic payments from the checking or credit card account of your choice. Enrollment in FACTS includes a per family enrollment fee of $45.00. To sign up, click here.