Dining Hall

The Academy believes that sit-down meals provide an important opportunity for enhancing the community. For this reason, family-style meals are served seven times per week. Boarding students attend all sit-down meals. Day students attend all sit-down lunches and are encouraged to stay for the evening meal.  A complete list of Dining Hall Meal Times is available. Students are assigned to a different table every three weeks, which allows them to get better acquainted with different students and faculty members in a relaxed setting. The Dining Hall is full of life, and the students applaud for their favorite meals and break into song on birthdays. Students follow the rules of the Dining Hall–maintaining an environment that is comfortable and engaging for all–and they take turns waiting on tables and performing other kitchen duties.

Vegetarian Options, Special Diets
The Dining Hall offers vegetarian options for every meal, and we routinely accommodate special diets of every type. In addition, the Academy has engaged in coordinated effort to promote healthy eating habits in our students. Our Director of Dining Services is available to discuss any specific dietary needs you might have.
Grass Fed Beef
Deerfield Academy dining services gets all of their ground beef from the Lewis Family Farm in Essex, NY. This beef is 100% certified organic, and the cows are grass-fed their entire lives. This is just one more example of how Deerfield Academy is leading the way towards serving more local and wholesome foods that sustain the local community and while nourishing our DA community with delicious and healthful foods.

The Dining Hall also operates the Greer Store, in the West Gym, and Louis Cafe, in the Koch Center, two popular spots for students to purchase drinks and snacks outside of meal times. Additional services provided by the Dining Hall include: cake and cookie orders, dormitory and exam week feeds, catering for on-campus events,  box lunches for athletic teams, and corridor supplies.  Forms to request these services can be found on the forms tab of the Daily Bulletin.

Table Rotations

Students' current table assignments are available on their individual DAinfo pages.

Nutrition Facts