Student Life

  • What furniture is provided in dorm rooms?

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    Every dorm room has a small closet or wardrobe, 80″ twin bed, bureau, desk and chair, mirror, wastebasket, overhead light, and carpeting.

  • When I am allowed to be off-campus for a weekend?

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    Deerfield students can leave campus during most weekends, provided that they submit the overnight permission form and their request is approved. Some weekends throughout the year are closed–including Commencement–and on these weekends, students may not leave campus. All closed weekends are marked on the Deerfield Academy calendar.

  • Where is the nearest airport to Deerfield?

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    The nearest airport is Bradley International Airport, located outside of Hartford, Connecticut, 55 miles south of Deerfield on I-91. Deerfield arranges transportation on charter buses to Bradley Airport during Thanksgiving vacation, winter vacation, long winter weekend, and spring vacation. As sign-up time approaches, students will receive email instructions on how to purchase tickets. There are also many limo, taxi, and shuttle services available that provide transport to the airport.

  • Where can I find a complete packing list?

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    Visit our Living at Deerfield page for information on standard room furnishings, a packing list, and a list of prohibited items in dormitories.

  • Am I allowed to bring a refrigerator or microwave for my dorm room?

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    No, refrigerators and microwaves are not permitted in dorm rooms. For a full list of items you are not allowed to have in your dorm room, please see our packing list.

  • How do I get permission to leave campus?

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    If you leave campus during the day for any reason, you must complete the off-campus signout form. If you would like to be off-campus for an overnight trip, including weekends, you MUST fill out the overnight permission form. If your request has been approved, you should print your confirmation and tape it to the door of your room.

    For a more detailed explanation of signout policies, visit our Travel and Signout page.

  • What is Connect4?

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    Connect4 is Deerfield’s residential life program that seeks to establish a consistent vocabulary, skill set, and framework of support for students and faculty as they navigate the challenges of high school together. Connect4 is led by our Residential Heads: Becca Sherburne, Sam Bicknell and Kristin Loftus.

  • I would like to attend weekly religious services at a local place of worship. Is transportation provided?

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    Transportation is provided to services at nearby faith communities. Jan Flaska, Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life, can help make arrangements.

  • How can I get involved in Student Council?

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    All Student Council positions are elected yearly, and all students are eligible to run. Each class has multiple representatives, and students are also elected to be Student Council president, chair, post-graduate representative, and two day student representatives. A full list of current members is available on the Student Council website.