Community Service

  • How can students get involved in community service?

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    Students can pursue service as a co-curricular option, engaging in community service projects four days a week. There are also many opportunities for local service during weekend projects, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or Second-Helpings. In addition, students can engage in service abroad in the Cambiando Vidas program in the Dominican Republic, Round Square service trips, and a new service trip in India. Students have the opportunity to design their own programs in their local community and abroad, utilizing funding from the Charles Cost Award, or David Workman Grant. Every athletic team also participates in at least one day of local community service at some point during their season.

  • Is community service an important part of the Deerfield experience?

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    The legacy of Frank L. Boyden means that service is an intrinsic part of a Deerfield education. Every year students are reminded of the words of Mr. Boyden: “The test of the worth of any school is, in the last analysis, the record of her alumni… it is our sincere hope that the tradition of service instilled and nurtured here… may endure always to the lasting benefit of the country and the world.” With such a powerful call for service at the heart of its mission, Deerfield places a strong emphasis on service in all its forms. As such, there are a plethora of service opportunities at Deerfield, and students are enthusiastically encouraged to participate as much as they can.

  • What role does the community service board play at Deerfield?

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    Deerfield’s varied and expansive community service programs require a great deal of planning and organization. Most programs are planned through the Community Service Student Board. The board handles all event planning and fundraising and serves as a liaison between the school and other Franklin County service organizations.

  • What are some of the large-scale community service events students participate in?

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    Relay for Life draws the largest number of students to any one service event, and Deerfield’s fundraising efforts have been the largest contribution from any school in New England for several years. Big Brothers Big Sisters is the regular program with the largest participation, calling on approximately sixty juniors and seniors to serve as “Bigs,” who spend every Friday evening with a child from Franklin County and serve as mentors and role models. Deerfield also hosts several Red Cross blood drives in the East Gym, which collect blood for use in local hospitals, and students participate as donors and volunteers.

  • What are the Workman Grant and Cost Award?

    The David Workman Grant and Charles Piper Cost Award provide funding for students to engage in community service projects during summer vacation. The Workman Grant requires an application, due in March each year. No separate application is required for the Cost Award.