• How do students send letters while at Deerfield?

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    The Deerfield Post Office is located on Old Main Street, only a few minutes walk from campus. Students can purchase stamps, obtain packaging materials, and send mail via USPS at the post office. All pre-stamped mail can also be left in the appropriate bin in the mailroom in the basement of the Main School Building for delivery to the post office.

  • How do students receive regular mail?

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    All students are assigned personal student mailboxes in the student mailroom, temporarily located in the Mods (north end). Regular mail is distributed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Students should be sure to memorize their combinations (available on DAinfo), and check their mailboxes often. For assistance accessing your mailbox, contact Ms. Cusson.

  • I just published a book. How can I submit it for consideration to be reviewed in the next issue of Deerfield Magazine?

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    Submissions for the magazine can be sent directly to Jessica Day, Managing Editor, at

  • Is there a way to read Deerfield Magazine online?

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    Past and current issues of Deerfield Magazine are available online for reading.

  • How do I make a post to the Daily Bulletin?

    Anyone—students, faculty, and staff—can post to the Daily Bulletin by using the “Post to the Daily Bulletin” form located on the Daily Bulletin. Your post will be reviewed by the Communications Office and then posted. For assistance, please contact the Communications Office at x1860.

  • I can’t open my student mailbox! What do I do?

    First, make sure you have the right combination by checking DAinfo. Then contact Ms. Cusson in the Communications Office for help opening your mailbox.

  • I didn’t receive a copy of Deerfield Magazine. Can you send me another?

    Requests for copies of recent Deerfield publications can be sent to Jessica Day, Managing Editor, at Copies of older issues may be available. Please contact the Deerfield Archives with your specific request.