College Advising

  • What is Naviance?

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    Naviance is an online college search tool that helps students keep track of their prospective colleges, active applications, and likelihood of admission based on the results of previous Deerfield students. All students are given access to Naviance in February of their junior year.

  • Does Deerfield provide college advising services?

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    Deerfield’s College Advising Office, located on the second floor of the Main School Building, counsels students on the college application process. Students are each assigned a college advisor who works with them throughout the process and gets to know them well to provide personalized assistance.

  • When will the College Advising Office start contacting me about college applications?

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    The College Advising Office sends a message to all sophomores to invite them to schedule a meeting with a college advisor. In the summer before students’ junior year, the College Advising Office will send additional information about what students should be doing to prepare themselves for applying. In the spring of their junior year, students begin the process in earnest, starting by filling out an information sheet that will help them, in conjunction with their college advisor, begin compiling a list of schools.

  • How often do students need to meet with their college advisor?

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    There is no specific requirement for frequency of meetings, but most students meet with their advisor every two or three weeks to discuss their progress. Advisors may request more frequent meetings if a student is falling behind in the process, or around crucial times of the year (such as application deadlines). Students can schedule meetings by visiting the College Advising Office on the second floor of the Main School Building and writing their name in an open slot on their college advisor’s schedule.

  • When should I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

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    Students who want to play a sport in college at the Division I, IA, or II level, must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center by the end of their junior year. For more important information about NCAA academic requirements, please visit Athletic Recruiting.

  • Does Deerfield comply with NCAA student-athlete requirements?

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    Deerfield is highly conscious of the needs of its student-athletes, and offers a wide range of NCAA eligible classes. The College Advising Office and Deerfield coaches are accustomed to assisting students seeking to play sports in college, and they are experienced in guiding students through the recruiting process. They will work with students to be sure they meet the NCAA requirements, and are in the best position possible to be recruited.