Campus Stores

  • Do Deerfield students buy their textbooks?

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    Textbooks are supplied by the Academy and do not need to be purchased.

    At the end of the year, the Boyden Library sponsors a book buyback program, in which students can sell their textbooks.

  • Can I have something I buy at Hitchcock House shipped to me?

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    Through Deerfield’s Online Store, you can purchase and ship an order to you. Consult the Online Store website for more information about shipping options and rates.

  • What do Hitchcock House and the Athletic Store sell?

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    Hitchcock House sells school supplies, computer accessories, Deerfield clothing/merchandise, books, toiletries, greeting cards, small gifts, stationery, and wrapping paper.

    The Athletic Store offers much of the same clothing as Hitchcock House, with the addition of performance and athletic apparel, as well as sports equipment and supplies.

  • Does Hitchcock House sell gift certificates?

    We don’t sell ‘gift certificates’ per se, but we do offer you the ability to ‘gift’ funds that can be used in all of Deerfield’s retail campus stores and cafés (Hitchcock House, Athletic Store, Greer Store, Koch Café). At Hitchcock House you can make your ‘gift’ purchase by adding funds to the recipient’s One-Card account. Gifts can be made in any denomination and the funds will be immediately added to the recipient’s One-Card account. We’ll provide you with a nice card/envelope that can be used to let your recipient know about the gift.

    Virtual Gift Certificates can also be purchased through the Online Store in denominations of $25, $50, and $100. These will be sent by email with a validation code for redemption online only. They can not be used in the retail stores.