Athletic Trainers

  • Who has access to the athletic trainers?

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    All students, faculty, and staff can seek help from Deerfield’s skilled athletic training staff regardless of their involvement in Deerfield athletics.

  • Does Deerfield have athletic trainers?

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    Deerfield employs two full-time athletic trainers, who work in the Athletic Training Office, located in the Athletic Center. Trainers work with injured athletics and coordinate a weekly Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Clinic staffed by an orthopedic surgeon.

  • Is there a rehab process for injured athletes?

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    Yes, the athletic trainers are very good about coming up with a rehabilitation routine that compliments what the doctor has to say. Students are about the complete their rehab with the athletic trainers for as long as that process takes.  

  • How do I know whether to go to the Health Center or the trainers?

    As default always go the the Health Center, they can set you up with what you need and send you to the trainers if it calls for that. The athletic trainers are extremely qualified to help with sports injuries, rehabilitation, and wrapping up athletes.