• I can’t find my diploma. Can you issue another? Will there be a fee?

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    In most cases it is possible to get a replacement diploma. Email your request to Please note that the process of creating a replacement diploma can take several months. There is no fee.

  • I’m making plans to visit Deerfield. What local accommodations are available?

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    A list of hotels, motels, B&B’s and restaurants within 30 minutes of Deerfield can be found online. For availability, rates and reservations, please contact the facilities directly.

  • How do I request a copy of my official Deerfield transcript?

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    Alumni can request their transcripts through the Alumni section of the website or by clicking here.

    Students can request their transcript via the Forms link on the Daily Bulletin or by clicking here.

  • I’m planning my wedding (or other special event) and would like it to take place on the Deerfield campus. Whom should I contact?

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    If scheduling permits, Deerfield alums can schedule special events utilizing a number of campus venues. Contact Mike McCarthy, Director of Food Services at Deerfield Academy, for more information.

  • I haven’t received my yearbook. When will it arrive?

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    Current yearbooks are mailed to seniors in the fall by the publisher to their address on record with the Alumni Office. The goal is to have yearbooks available by late September. If you have not received yours by December 1, please email the yearbook staff. Keep in mind that mailing to an international address will take longer.

  • I’ve lost my yearbook. Can I get a replacement?

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    Older yearbooks are still available on a limited basis. Please contact the yearbook staff with your specific requests. Yearbooks are always on display in the Boyden Library or in the Caswell Library in the Main School Building.

  • My class tie has been ruined. Do you have any left?

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    Since class ties were first instituted in 1983, we’ve had a small number of extra ties each year. There are a very limited number remaining and there may not be ties available for all classes. Please contact Annual Giving or 413-774-1460 to find out what’s available. Or check out other ties available through the school store online.

  • I’m planning a surprise party for my husband’s 50th birthday. Can I get a list of his classmates/friends addresses so that I can send them invitations?

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    Please contact the Alumni Office with all requests.

  • I would like to get in touch with one of your alums. I was a student at Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School in Greenfield while he was at Deerfield in the early ’60s. Can you help me reconnect with him?

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    We are unable to give out alumni contact information to non-members of the Deerfield community without permission. We can however, forward your message, and ask that he be in touch with you directly. Send your message to and we’ll do our best to get it to him. If we do not have current contact information, we will let you know.

  • I used to receive the Scroll and I seem to have stopped getting it. Can I get on the mailing list again?

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    The Scroll is available online at If you would like to receive monthly email updates of student-generated news, please register using the box labeled EMAIL LIST on the Scroll home page.

  • Do you have information on Commencement and/or a schedule of activities?

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    Deerfield’s Commencement takes place during Memorial Weekend each May. Commencement information will be shared with seniors and parents in March. For more information regarding Commencement, please contact Jenny Hammond, Associate Director of Alumni Relations.

  • Can I make a gift to Deerfield online? Is it secure?

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    Gifts can be made securely online using your MC, Visa, or AMEX. Our online giving form incorporates industry standard, state of the art SSL technology allowing you to make your gift with confidence. Our giving page can also accommodate recurring credit card gifts for up to five years, and allows you to choose the frequency (annually, quarterly, weekly, etc.).

  • I would like to make a gift of stock to Deerfield. Where can I find instructions for completing the transaction?

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    Instructions on transferring securities to Deerfield Academy can be found online.

  • I just published a book. How can I submit it for consideration to be reviewed in the next issue of Deerfield Magazine?

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    Submissions for the magazine can be sent directly to Jessica Day, Managing Editor, at

  • How can I find more information about Deerfield alumni?

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    Questions regarding Deerfield graduates or former students should be directed to or 413-774-1474.

  • I’m reading the book Death Be Not Proud about Johnny Gunther, a former Deerfield student, for a school project. Do you have any pictures or information about him?

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    The Deerfield Archives may be of assistance.

  • I lost my class ring. Is it possible to get another?

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    Deerfield class rings are ordered through Jostens. You can contact them directly to arrange for a new ring.

  • I’m moving to San Francisco. Can I get a list of alums in the area?

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    Download our mobile application which includes a directory. If you need help finding alumni in your area, please contact the Alumni Office or 413-774-1474.

  • I’m thinking about grad school at the University of North Carolina. Can I find other Deerfield alums who attended UNC?

    Download our mobile application which includes a directory. If you need help finding alumni in your area, please contact the Alumni Office or 413-774-1474.

  • I didn’t receive a copy of Deerfield Magazine. Can you send me another?

    Requests for copies of recent Deerfield publications can be sent to Jessica Day, Managing Editor, at Copies of older issues may be available. Please contact the Deerfield Archives with your specific request.

  • Where can I find more information about Deerfield’s legendary Headmaster Frank L. Boyden?

    Frank Boyden was Deerfield’s longest serving headmaster from 1902-1968. His time at Deerfield is captured in John McPhee’s 1966 book, The Headmaster. For additional information, please visit the Deerfield Archives.