• What is the Science, Math, and Technology Symposium?

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    Every spring, students who undertake research projects as part of upper-level science courses, such as Biomedical Research, Robotics, and Electric Vehicle Engineering, present their work and share their results at the Science, Math, and Technology Symposium.

  • Do students go on field trips for class?

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    For certain classes (particularly environmental science, geology, and biology), the surrounding area serves as a wonderful learning environment. From learning about sustainable aquaculture at a local fish farm to investigating leaf structures in trees on campus, there is always the possibility to step outside the classroom to provide perspective on material covered in class.

  • Do students have the opportunity to pursue summer research in science?

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    Students are encouraged to pursue summer science research through programs at labs across the country. Dr. Ivory Hills, a member of the science faculty, supports students who wish to undertake summer research.

  • What are double period classes?

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    Most Advanced Placement science courses are two periods to allow ample lab and discussion time. Double period classes are some of the most rigorous and challenging courses Deerfield has to offer in terms of content, and the extra time allows teachers to guide their students through the material at a pace that allows for greater depth of understanding. A double period schedule also provides time for enrichment opportunities such as field trips and guest speakers, without conflicting with the established daily schedule.

  • Are students required to take a science class each year?

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    Students must take at least two years of science during their time at Deerfield. For more detailed information, see Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • Are there projects in science available for students?

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    There are several project-oriented classes in Deerfield’s science curriculum. Among these are Biomedical Research, Biochemical Research, Analytical Chemistry Research, Physics II: EV Engineering, Physics II: Exp Design/Robots, Environmental Science Projects, and Synthetic Biology Research. All science classes include projects of one kind or another, and their descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog.

  • What are Deerfield’s lab facilities like?

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    The Koch Science Center, dedicated in 2007, has extensive lab space tailored to the needs of individual subjects in each classroom. Deerfield’s laboratory supervisor works with teachers to provide the best lab experience possible.