Performing Arts

  • Does Deerfield offer music lessons?

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    Deerfield offers applied music lessons in many instruments. Music lessons require an extra fee and take place during a free period once a week.

  • Do I need previous dance experience to take dance classes at Deerfield?

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    No, beginners are welcome!

  • Does Deerfield have student bands?

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    Deerfield has a number of student bands, from a string orchestra to a jazz band. Some bands meet during class periods, while others hold rehearsals in the evening. All bands are directed by Deerfield’s music faculty and perform at school meetings and performing arts showcases.

  • Are students required to take a music class during their Deerfield careers?

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    Students are not required to take music classes, but may use music to fulfill their two-term visual/performing arts requirement. For more detailed information, please refer to Deerfield’s full graduation requirements.

  • Are there music performances at Deerfield?

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    There are many music performances throughout the year. Students and faculty often play at school meetings and at performing arts showcases, as well as in one student concert each term. Deerfield also brings in a number of musical artists for concerts, dances and special events. These are arranged by different student organizations, and are open to all students.

  • How often does the theater program put on productions?

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    The Deerfield theater department puts on three productions a year, one each trimester. These are full-length, high-quality productions with casts comprised entirely of Deerfield students, and directed by Deerfield’s theater director, Catriona Hynds.

  • What performance opportunities are available in dance?

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    There are many dance performances every term. Students perform at school meetings throughout and at the performing arts showcase at the end of each term.

  • How can students get involved in theater?

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    Students can either audition to be a part of the cast, or sign up to work on the theater tech crew. Both of these options require a full term co-curricular commitment. Theater tech does everything from stage managing, to light design, to building sets. Everyone is welcome to audition for the cast and to help out with theater tech. Students with a talent and interest in theater can obtain permission to bypass Deerfield’s two-term interscholastic sports requirement for freshmen and sophomores if they instead participate in theater for two or more terms.

  • How can students get involved in dance?

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    Students can either take a dance class, or participate in co-curricular dance during the afternoon. Dancers may be allowed to bypass the two-term interscholastic sports recommendation for freshmen and sophomores if they are involved in the dance program. For a full listing of dance classes, refer to the course catalog.

  • What kinds of theater classes are available for students?

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    Deerfield offers a progressive series of acting and acting tutorial classes. Also available to accomplished acting students are classes on directing for the theater. See full course descriptions in the course catalog.

  • What are Deerfield’s theater facilities like?

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    Deerfield plays are usually staged in the Reed Black Box Theater, which can be transformed into almost any kind of set. Occasionally, larger productions are held on the main stage in the Large Auditorium. The entire arts facility is currently undergoing renovations, which will be completed for the 2014-2015 school year.