C.I.T. Program

Applying for the DASAC C.I.T. Program

Each summer, a number of older campers are chosen to assist the staff as part-time interns to learn the “art of counseling”. C.I.T.’s are campers who enjoy part of their day as a regular camper and part of their day as a teaching assistant. Please see the enclosed form for application to the C.I.T. program. Admittance to the C.I.T. program is selective.

  • C.I.T.s play a vital role in carrying out the spirit and traditions of DASAC.
  • C.I.T.s are campers. They are campers who spend a portion of their day in the role of regular camper and a portion of their day assisting counselors and learning the art of DASAC Counselling.
  • C.I.T.s must be 16 years of age or turn 16 before the end of the camp season. Occasionally, we will accept an application from a 15 year-old applicant if extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated. Campers older than 16 are not eligible to apply unless they are 16 at the beginning of the camp season.
  • Priority is given to C.I.T. applicants who have been DASAC campers in the past, but acceptance in the program is not exclusive.
  • If an applicant is not accepted into the C.I.T. program, the applicant may still attend DASAC as a regular camper, and is strongly encouraged to do so.
  • C.I.T.s are required to attend DASAC for both sessions.
  • C.I.T.s earn a reduction from the camper tuition fee for each session, bringing their tuition to $765 per session, for a total of $1,530 for the summer.
  • C.I.T. applicants are required to pay the $250 registration fee, to be subtracted from amount of tuition due.
  • C.I.T. applicants who are not accepted will be part of the lottery registration pool. If an applicant is not accepted into C.I.T. program and does not wish to enroll as a regular camper, then the $250 registration fee will be refunded.
  • C.I.T. slots are selective and limited. The application process is essential.
  • Previous enrollment in C.I.T. program does not mean automatic graduation into Junior Counselor positions. Counselor positions are very limited.

The deadline for C.I.T. applications is Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 2 pm–the same date as registration closing.

To apply for the C.I.T. program, please fill out the regular DASAC registration form and attach it to this form. Send it in by the February 15, 2017 noon registration deadline, with your letter of intent * to:

DASAC Registrar, Sue Neal,
Deerfield Academy Finance Office
PO Box 87
Deerfield, MA 01342-0087

Name of C.I.T. applicant___________________________________________________

Age in summer 2017_____________ Birth date______________

Have you previously attended DASAC?_____________ If so, when?____________

If you have not attended DASAC, please list other camp experiences or extra-curricular

Please list two references. These should be individuals who know your assets in some capacity: as student, employee, volunteer worker or camper.

1. Reference name, address and phone(s):
2. Reference name, address and phone(s):

*Letter of Intent: Please write a letter of intent addressed to the DASAC directors, explaining your interest in becoming a C.I.T. for this summer. Most letters average one page in length. Take time to explain what you hope to get from this experience, what you think has prepared you for the position and why you interested in spending your summer at DASAC. This letter is an important part of your application. Letters of reference are not required, but highly encouraged. Enclose these documents with your registration materials.