Campers will choose from these activities each day:

“‘I can’t draw.’ I’ve said it many times. But when you go to the drawing studio, no matter how bad you think you are, the counselors tell you you did a great job. They give you little tips on how to improve your art. They also teach many techniques and every time I go to a drawing block class, I seem to get better! In art block classes you don’t just draw what you’re told to or with just a pencil. You use chalks, pastels, and many other things. Plus the counselors always make you feel that what you made is a masterpiece!” –Heather

Drawing: Development of foundational skills including composition, gesture and contour drawing, light & shadow. Work in charcoal, pencil, oil pastels and ink wash.

Painting: Introduction to elements of painting: color, light and composition. Work in acrylic and water color on paper and gessoed boards. Figurative, abstract, and landscape work.

Printmaking: Relief block carving and printing. Monoprinting. Mixed media and found object collage printing.

Ceramics: Instruction in throwing pots and glazing techniques. Work in hand-building and clay sculpture, pinch, coil and slab construction.

Photography: Instruction in black & white shooting, developing and printing of photographs. Introduction to formal elements of light, subject and composition. Also work with digital cameras and photo editing software.

“I enjoy taking photo classes because you get to express yourself through pictures and the movements in the pictures you take. To me it’s like dancing and writing combined into one piece of art. At DASAC you have a chance to learn how to use a manual camera which allows you to control what type of photo you desire. You can also develop and print your own film which is something most people aren’t able to do anywhere else.” –Carly

Creative Writing: Focus on campers finding own voice in written word. Workshops and critiques in poetry and story writing. Group writing projects, magazines, newspapers. Subject matter drawn from experience, observation, imagination and memory.

“The creative writing room is one of my favorite places to create stories, poems, and tabloids. It’s relaxing to sit and listen to music while working on an exciting assignment. The writing that you create at DASAC is totally different from what you create at school. It’s wacky, interesting and tons of fun!” –Elizabeth

“Video is the coolest studio ever! We get to film, direct, edit, create music videos, zombie movies…the list is endless! And at the end of the week, we get to show off all of our awesome videos to the rest of the camp.” –Dan H.

Animation: Create analog and digital animation using a variety of materials. Learn animation software at beginner and more advanced levels.

Video Production: Projects including commercials, interviews, short films and music videos. Workshops in scripting and video technique.

Theater: Improvisation, acting exercises, theater games, monologues. Scene and script creation, performance of scenes and short plays for festival.


“[Theater] is a block class with a variety of acting, scene study, and improv activities. It is a great way to express yourself, and it helps to relieve stage fright because you’re just having a good time.” –Elaina

Dance: Traditional and contemporary dance and expressive movement. Work in choreographing original pieces. Performance of pieces for final festival.

“Deerfield Academy has a wonderful dance studio. All different types of dance are taught at DASAC from ballet to hip-hop to interpretive dance. Most classes are fun for anyone and do not require prior dance knowledge. –Liz

Music: Work in voice and instrument instruction. Work with theater in musical productions. Ensembles, rock band, and chorus.

“The music room is the perfect place if you’re curious about music but a little shy about performing. Everyone is so nice and helpful. You can write songs, perform in a band at kauffee haus, learn to play an instrument, and so much more.” –Shannon

Woodworking: Instruction in use of tools. Individual projects in functional objects and aesthetic expression. Set design and construction.

Outdoor Education: Hiking, exploring and understanding the outdoors. Art activities along the Pocumtuck Ridge. Experiential workshops in environmental education.

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