Comforts of Home

While classes, homework, co-curricular activities, and friends may take up most of students’ time, Deerfield is more than a school–it is a home as well. In order to make living at Deerfield as comfortable as possible, students have virtually all their needs covered on campus, including several campus stores and cafes and laundry services. The surrounding area offers a diverse range of places of worship, restaurants, movie theaters, and other services and attractions.

To help students feel at home, peer counselors, proctors, and other student leaders are available to ease the transition to boarding school life. And of course the Deerfield faculty–who serve not only as teachers, but also as dorm parents, coaches, and advisors–are always happy to help.

Campus Stores and Cafes

Whether you are desperate for a pizza—or a pencil—Deerfield’s campus stores and cafes have got you covered.

Hitchcock House

Hitchcock House is the campus store.  Located on the pathway between the Dining Hall and John Williams House, here you’ll find Deerfield gear as well as any school supplies you might need for class.  You can even find items like hard drives, extension cords and a toothbrush!  Check out the directory for details on special orders and store hours.  Or, visit the Hitchcock House website to shop online.

The Athletic Store

Located in the lower level of the gym, the Athletic Store offers a wide array of athletic apparel athletic gear like squash racquets, lacrosse balls and swim goggles. The Athletic Store can also arrange for some services, including racquet stringing through a nearby sports store.

The Louis Cafe

Affectionately (but erroneously) called the “Koch Cafe,” the Louis Cafe is located in the lower level of the Koch Center.  (Hence the confusion.)  Stop here for juice, coffee, panini sandwiches, chips, and candy between classes. See hours and today’s specials.

The Greer Store

“The Greer” is the campus’ central snack bar and hangout.  With a wide menu and extended hours, it’s the place to go to see friends, watch TV, or just chill.  Here you’ll find hot food ranging from grilled cheese to pizza.  Check out store hours and the daily specials–and don’t miss the froyo!

Packing List

Standard Room Furnishings

Each dorm room at the Academy has a small closet or wardrobe and is furnished with an 80” twin bed, bureau, desk and chair, mirror, wastebasket, and an overhead light. Window curtains are provided. If needed, towels, two sheets, and a pillowcase may be picked up at the Laundry Room in Dewey House. Pillows are available upon request to the Laundry Room. Every room has carpeting in it. Each dorm floor has a filtered water system to provide filtered tap water for drinking.

Due to many recent rules and precautions, at this time we are urging parents or guardians to oversee the packing of students’ possessions. We ask that students arrive on campus in September having packed light. This will ensure that the move-in process can happen without burden or mishap.

Deerfield will offer each boarding student and family their own designated 15-minute arrival appointment based on dorm and squad.  In their cars, students and families will pull up to their drop-off locations at this arrival window, and they’ll be greeted – at appropriate physical distance – by their advisor and/or a member of the faculty dorm team, a student leader, and a representative from the Chen Health and Wellness Center.  Once documentation of a negative COVID test is obtained, students will unload their belongings with the help of their student leader; they’ll enter their dorms and begin to move in.  Parents/Guardians will remain carside and can use the remaining time to talk with advisors and faculty residentsall of whom will be closely connected to their children, before departing campus.  We hope this attentive, individualized approach will provide warm reassurance to families and a smooth entry for students.

Be confident that our Campus Stores (Hitchcock House or the Athletic Store) offer many items for sale from school supplies to personal care items, dorm supplies and decorations, athletic apparel, electronics and more. The stores are well stocked and ready when students arrive in September. And, of course, starting in September, you may ship items to campus. This is the most practical method of ensuring a student has bedding and sundries, additional clothing options, school supplies, and toiletries.

The amount of clothing you bring depends on how often you do your laundry. Weekly laundry service can be arranged through E. & R. Laundry Service and community washing machines and dryers are also available in every dorm. Please make sure a student has on-hand dress code clothes (ties, blazers, etc.) and be mindful that, this is New England, and the weather is highly variable.

Be sure to put enough money onto your debit card account in advance so that you won’t be caught short without cash. We strongly advise that students do not have large amounts of money on their person or on-hand. In addition to the OneCard, there is an ATM in the basement of the Main School Building.

Items Not Permitted in Dormitories

This list may be updated if any future restrictions occur.

  • Polystyrene beanbag chairs
  • Refrigerators
  • Plug-in coolers
  • Computer monitors LARGER than 27 inches
  • Projectors
  • Coffee makers, hot pot, hot plates
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Hanging tapestries
  • String lights of any kind
  • High intensity/halogen lamps in excess of 100 watts
  • Lava lamps
  • Televisions & DVD players
  • Electric heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Irons (only allowed in common room spaces)
  • Microwave ovens, toasters, & toaster ovens
  • Cooking grills
  • Pets of any kind
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Liquor bottles & beer cans even if empty

Errands and Entertainment

Whether it’s grabbing a snack, shipping a package, or doing laundry, we’ve tried to make “the little things” easy to accomplish for our students. Below is a brief overview of some of the student services on and near campus. Be sure to see our list of local attractions and services as well as our guide to local dining.

Food and Sundries

While most student needs are fulfilled by Deerfield’s on-campus stores, off-campus sources can provide some variety as well. Nearby establishments include Bittersweet Bakery & Cafe (opening June 2018), Richardson’s Candy, and the Williams Sugar House. Bittersweet Bakery & Cafe sells coffee, espresso, and baked goods, as well as breakfast and lunch sandwiches made from scratch. Richardson’s sells ice cream, candies, and small gifts. During maple sugaring season, the Williams Sugar House offers pancakes and breakfast featuring maple products harvested from campus. All three locations are within walking distance of school, approximately 1/2 mile south of campus on Routes 5 & 10.

If students wish to order out, the following restaurants deliver food to the campus in front of the Main School Building. Please note that deliveries may not be made during study hours:

  • Domino’s: 774-7291
  • China Gourmet: 774-2299
  • Goodies: 772-2586
  • The Wok: 774-3606

Birthday Cake

Birthdays are special at Deerfield! Cakes & cookies can be ordered online through the Dining Hall.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Each dorm and the basement of the Health Center has washers and dryers for students. In addition, E. & R. Laundry and Dry Cleaners offer service to students. Get more information and register at TheCampusLaundry.comOnce there, type in Deerfield’s password, AW23.  You will then see an order form and description of the services available to students.  You may also call E. & R. at 800-890-7273 inside the USA or 603-627-7661 outside the USA. They are available from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday, to answer your questions and/or take your order over the phone.

Laundry bags are picked up in the dorms on Monday morning and returned to the basement of the Health Center on Thursday morning. Students are responsible for their own pillow and bedding. If needed, towels, two sheets, a pillowcase, and a laundry bag may be picked up at the Laundry Room. At the end of the school year, all issued items must be returned to avoid replacement charges.

Checking Account

Deerfield’s Finance Office can provide assistance for students who are interested in opening up a checking account. To establish an account (at Greenfield Co-Operative Bank) students need a picture ID and one other form of identification.

Movies and Theaters

The local communities of Greenfield, Northampton, Hadley, and Amherst offer numerous entertainment options, including cinema:

  • Garden Cinema (Greenfield) 413-774-4881
  • Academy of Music (Northampton) 413-584-8435
  • Cinemark Theaters (Hadley) 413-587-4233

In addition, the library has a large collection of videos/DVDs that may be checked out, students may download entertainment from online sources such as iTunes, and the student activities committee often shows movies on weekends.

Music Lessons

Students who desire private music lessons should make arrangements by filling out a private music lessons form.

Shoe Repair

Do your shoes need new soles? Broken boots, belt, bag, or piece of luggage? Contact Shoe Repair Plus; Luis Gonzalez, proprietor, at 413-824-4030 or They pick up and deliver.

Driver Education

Unfortunately Deerfield is no longer affiliated with a special drivers education program. We encourage families to research a licensed driving school independently.


Places of Worship


While Deerfield is non-sectarian and does not require participation in religious activity, members of Deerfield’s diverse community share a commitment to respect and celebrate the values and traditions of different faiths. For students, transportation is provided to ensure that they can attend services in the traditions they observe, or to explore traditions about which they are curious.  For information about local communities of faith, where students may choose to visit or to worship, please contact Jan Flaska, Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life, at 413.774.1486 or