Advisors and Deans

The Advisors

Advisors are the primary point of contact for Deerfield students, parents, and guardians. They are proactive, responsive, knowledgable, and personable. They have a strong working knowledge of the Academy’s academic program and work to ensure that students can navigate effectively, offering opportunities for exposure to new courses and in-depth exploration of existing areas of interest.

The Deans

The deans are the go-to resource for any issues students face while at Deerfield. Students should feel free to be in touch with the deans either via email or in person. Please keep in mind the specific roles of the different deans (listed in the tabs below) to be sure to contact the office that will be most well-equipped to help you.

The Academic Dean

The Office of the Academic Dean is responsible for all aspects of academic life at Deerfield. The Academic Dean is Ivory Hills.  The Assistant Academic Dean is Sheryl Koyama. Lydia Hemphill serves as Associate Academic Dean.

Responsibilities of the Office of the Academic Dean include:

  • Management of the Curriculum
  • Course requests and scheduling – overseen by the Registrar, Diana Kocot
  • Reviewing and approving course change requests
  • Holding teachers accountable to Academy guidelines
  • Ensuring NCAA compliance – overseen by NCAA Compliance Officer Vita Thiel
  • Overseeing the academic honesty disciplinary process
  • Making sure that students meet their graduation requirements
  • Standardized test coordination – overseen by Testing Coordinator Beverley Payne

Class Deans

Each class is assigned a dean who provides more personalized assistance to the students in their classes. These deans are part of the Student Life Office, and share similar responsibilities. For smaller issues, such as clearing APs and other non-disciplinary requests, students should be in touch with their respective class dean.

  • Assistant Head of School for Student Life, Amie Creagh, 413-774-1454
  • Dean of Students, Sam Bicknell, 413-774-1485
  • Associate Dean and 11th and 12th Grade Dean, Kevin Kelly, 413-774-1457
  • Associate Dean and 9th and 10th Grade Dean, Becca Melvoin 413-774-1423

Dean of Faculty

The Dean of Faculty’s Office is responsible for all matters relating to the Academy’s faculty. If a student or employee has any concerns specifically relating to a faculty member, they should direct them to Dean of Faculty John Taylor.

Student Life Office

The Student Life Office oversees all aspects of student life at the Academy. There is no more direct link between students and the administrative faculty than the Assistant Head of School for Student Life and the deans, who are in close contact with both parties at all times, and are always available to talk with students about any issues they face at Deerfield.

The Assistant Head of School for Student Life is Amie CreaghThe Dean of Students is Sam Bicknell. To contact the office, be in touch with Peg Scarborough.

Responsibilities of the Dean of Students include: