All for one. One for all.

Campus Life

From the first moment you find your place in the ninth-grade village you’ll find that living with classmates and faculty advisors provides a unique environment for collaboration. You learn that how you treat your room and hall is a model for how you can be in the world. You learn that our campus, village, and valley are part of something bigger. Caring for others, personal responsibility, fellowship—and fun(!)—are the hallmarks of living at Deerfield.

Values, in Practice


  • Campus, Village, and Valley

    Take a stroll across campus—or take a cab to the local cinema. There’s never a dull moment at Deerfield.

  • Groups and Clubs

    Students groups are the lifeblood of after-class life. No matter your interest, there’s a club for you… or you can always start your own.

Advising System and Deans

  • Faculty Advisors

    Every student is assigned an advisor to help them navigate Deerfield. Advisors help their advisees plan their coursework and connect with other teachers and coaches. Advisors serve as the primary point of contact for parents as well.

  • College Advising

    Beginning in the junior year, each student is assigned a college advisor. College advisors help students throughout the entire college application process, providing guidance, recommendations, and support.