Volleyball: Varsity

Record this season

9 (win) – 10 (loss) – 0 (tie)

Date Time Sport / Team(s) Opponent Venue Result
Sep 12, '18 2:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Loomis Playday Away Scrimmage - No score reported iCal
Sep 15, '18 1:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Milton Away Win - 3-0 iCal
Sep 15, '18 2:30 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Miss Porter's Away, Milton Win - 3-1 iCal
Sep 19, '18 4:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Worcester Away, Worcester Win - 3-1 iCal
Sep 22, '18 1:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Pomfret, Pomfret Quad Away Win - 2-1 iCal
Sep 22, '18 2:30 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Convent of the Sacred Heart, Pomfret Quad Away Win - 2-0 iCal
Sep 26, '18 3:30 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Loomis Chaffee Home Loss - 0-3 iCal
Oct 3, '18 3:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Williston Home Win - 3-0 iCal
Oct 6, '18 4:15 pm Volleyball: Varsity
St. Paul's Home Loss - 1-3 iCal
Oct 10, '18 2:30 pm Volleyball: Varsity
NMH Home Win - 3-1 iCal
Oct 13, '18 3:30 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Hopkins Home Win - 3-0 iCal
Oct 17, '18 4:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Hotchkiss Away, Hotchkiss Win - 3-0 iCal
Oct 20, '18 2:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Exeter Away, Exeter Loss - 1-3 iCal
Oct 24, '18 5:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Amherst Home Loss - 1-3 iCal
Oct 28, '18 1:30 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Andover Andover, Away Loss - 1-3 iCal
Nov 3, '18 4:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
Taft School Home Loss - 0-3 iCal
Nov 5, '18 4:45 pm Volleyball: Varsity
NMH Away, NMH Loss - 1-3 iCal
Nov 7, '18 4:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
St. Paul's Away, St. Paul's Loss - 0-3 iCal
Nov 10, '18 10:00 am Volleyball: Varsity
Choate Away, Choate Loss - 3-2 iCal
Nov 14, '18 4:00 pm Volleyball: Varsity
New England Tournament, St. Paul's Away, St. Paul's Loss - 0-3 iCal

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# Name Class Position Hometown
1 Rosa Sun 2021 S Shanghai 201702, China
2 Georgia Quesnelle* 2019 OH Sunderland, MA
3 Soo-Min Lee 2019 DS Seoul, 140-774, Korea
4 Camila Navarro-Delavega 2020 OH El Paso, TX
5 Izzy McDonald 2020 OH Brooklyn, NY
6 Kaelene Spang 2019 MH Ashland, MT
7 Daphne Gavros 2022 DS Tiburon, CA
8 Abby Bracken* 2019 RH/OH Muncie, IN
9 Natsumi Shindo 2020 S Yokohama-Shi Kanagawa 225-0011, JP
10 Evan Burkert 2021 MH New York, NY
11 Alexia Baker 2019 RH/OH Atlanta, GA
15 Lara Akande 2020 MH Charlotte, NC
17 Tory Hansen 2021 OH San Francisco, CA
22 Michelle Zimmermann 2021 MH Singapore 142062, Singapore
23 Netanya Jimenez 2020 DS Miami, FL
25 Aoife Bruce 2022 RH Lake Forsest, IL
FJ Marsh 2019 MANAGER Telluride, CO
Raheme Taylor 2020 MANAGER Bronx, NY
*Denotes Captain
  • Mark Acton grew up playing volleyball in Southern California and played on his high school’s varsity team. After college, he coached girls’ high school volleyball in Maryland and he is excited to return to volleyball coaching at Deerfield. At Deerfield, Mark has also coached the varsity girls’ rowing and boys’ cross-country teams. He teaches in the Science and Computer Science department (where he currently serves as the department chair) and lives in New Dorm with his two children.

  • Hannah Insuik returns to Deerfield as a Penn Fellow after graduating from the Academy in 2013. She comes from Colby College where she majored in Biology and had minors in both Chemistry and Philosophy. At Colby she worked in the neurobiology lab studying circadian rhythm proteins in crustaceans, played on both the varsity women’s volleyball and ice hockey teams, facilitated conversations surrounding violence prevention with athletic teams, interviewed prospective students as an admissions fellow, and served as a community advisor. Hannah also completed an independent study researching mental health on college campuses and created a program that Colby uses to educate its students, faculty, and staff on matters of mental health.

    Hannah was a four-year member of both the Varsity Women's Ice Hockey and Volleyball teams while at Colby, and served on the Student Athletics Advisory Committee. 

    Her extensive work in campus life, athletics, and passion for learning led her back to Deerfield where she is extremely excited to continue following her passion for academia and community as a teaching fellow in the Science Department. As a teacher, coach, and mentor Hannah is particularly excited about helping to mold well-rounded and creative students through the intersections of Deerfield life in and out of the classroom.