Cross Country, Girls: Varsity

Date Time Sport / Team(s) Opponent Venue Result
Sep 14, '19 3:00 pm Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
Brush Invitational Home iCal
Sep 21, '19 12:30 pm Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
Canterbury Invitational Away, Canterbury School iCal
Sep 28, '19 3:00 pm Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
Westminster Away, Westminster iCal
Oct 5, '19 4:30 pm Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
St. Paul's, Winsor Away, St. Paul's iCal
Oct 12, '19 2:45 pm Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
Choate, Loomis Away, Choate iCal
Oct 19, '19 4:00 pm Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
Exeter Home iCal
Oct 27, '19 1:00 pm Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
Andover Home iCal
Nov 2, '19 3:15 pm Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
NMH Away, NMH iCal
Nov 9, '19 TBD Cross Country, Girls: Varsity
Interschol Away, NMH iCal

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Name Class Hometown
Gemma Bishop* 2019 Mason, OH
Kate Alonso 2019 Saint Louis, MO
Lilly Shuhda 2019 San Francisco, CA
Ely Burke* 2019 Milwaukee, WI
Grace Stenger 2019 Lafayette, CA
Helen Lipsky 2020 Brooklyn, NY
Erin Howe 2020 Deerfield, MA
Acy Cai 2020 Kingston, Jamaica
Jazmine Ramos 2020 Elmhurst, NY
Victoria Patterson* 2020 Greenville, SC
Sarah Jung 2020 Los Angeles, CA
Jane Mallach 2020 Rumson, NJ
Ella Holowesko 2020 Nassau, Bahamas
Anna Fu 2020 Cranbury, NJ
Grace Russell 2021 Cambridge, MA
Noelle Abeyta 2021 South Chittenden, VT
Sami Dulam 2021 Natchez, MS
Jean Jin 2022 Chestnut Hill, MA
Isha Rao 2022 Dayton, OH
Aerin Lo 2022 Mid Level, Hong Kong
Aurelia Bolton 2022 Hillsborough, CA
Abigail Fernald 2022 Avon, CT
Claire Cummings 2021 MANAGER Westmont, IL
Jerilyn Zheng 2019 MANAGER Saratoga, CA
*Denotes Captain
  • Callie's passion for education started by teaching summers at Choate Rosemary Hall and Phillips Academy.  When she graduated from Washington & Lee with a B.S. in mathematics and a minor in philosophy, Callie pursued her full-time teaching career at the Foxcroft School in Virginia.  After three years at Foxcroft, Callie decided to teach abroad and prior to joining the Deerfield faculty in 2017, had been teaching at The Country Day School in Costa Rica for two years. 

    From her experiences at these schools, Callie has forged a passion for global mindfulness, service learning, and athletics.  Callie lives on campus with her husband Scott, and their dog Miller. 

  • Cheri came to Deerfield in 1999 as a teaching fellow in Spanish upon graduation from Northern Michigan University. She received her MA from Middlebury College in the summer of 2003. In addition to teaching Spanish, Cheri coaches the girls cross country team in the fall, and track and field in the spring. She lives in Deerfield with her two sons, Henry and Jay.