Cycling, Coed: Varsity

Date Time Sport / Team(s) Opponent Venue Result
Apr 10, '19 TBD Cycling, Coed: Varsity
Proctor Circuit Race Away, Loudon iCal
Apr 20, '19 TBD Cycling, Coed: Varsity
Hatfield Road Race Away, Holderness Canceled iCal
May 1, '19 TBD Cycling, Coed: Varsity
KMS Hill Climb Away Alex Weinman - 5th iCal
May 8, '19 TBD Cycling, Coed: Varsity
Profile Road Race Away iCal
May 15, '19 TBD Cycling, Coed: Varsity
New England Championships Away, Loudon iCal

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Name Class  Hometown
Alex Weinman* 2019 Hadley, MA
Chait Shah 2019 Mumbai 400021, India
JP Patton 2019 South Deerfield, MA
Maddie McCarthy 2019 Warren, RI
Mason Horton 2019 Scottsdale, AZ
Max Geraci 2019 New York, NY
Merritt Wurts 2021 Wyndmoor, PA
Ahmed El Wabory 2022 New Cairo 11841, Egypt
Christian Odenius 2022 New York, NY
* Denotes Captain
  • After a collegiate athletic career as a member of the Bowdoin College squash and rugby teams, Rich found road cycling and adventure triathlons as new challenges in post-collegiate athletics. He has completed road races and triathlons throughout Colorado and New England, continues to race during the summer months, and is a certified USAC coach.