Soccer, Boys: Varsity

Record this season

0 (win) – 0 (loss) – 0 (tie)

Date Time Sport / Team(s) Opponent Venue Result
Sep 14, '16 2:30 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
NMH (S) Away   iCal
Sep 17, '16 4:00 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Salisbury Away   iCal
Sep 21, '16 3:15 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Suffield Away   iCal
Sep 24, '16 3:00 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Brunswick Away   iCal
Sep 28, '16 4:00 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Taft Away   iCal
Oct 1, '16 4:15 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Kent Home   iCal
Oct 8, '16 3:00 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Avon Home   iCal
Oct 12, '16 3:00 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Westminster Away   iCal
Oct 15, '16 3:30 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Hotchkiss Home   iCal
Oct 19, '16 3:30 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Loomis Home   iCal
Oct 22, '16 4:30 pm Soccer, Boys: Varsity
Exeter Away   iCal

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# Name Class Position Hometown
0 Tim Gerber 2017 G Greenwich, CT
0 Hunter Quigg 2016 G Montrose, PA
1 Drew Rapoza 2016 M/D Somerset, MA
2 Brendan O'Connell* 2016 F Williston, VT
3 Jack Wood 2017 D New Canaan, CT
4 Camden Kelleher 2018 F Longmeadow, MA
5 Mark DesLauriers 2016 D Charlotte, VT
6 Uno Wait 2017 OM/F New York, NY
7 George Fair 2017 F Los Angeles, CA
8 Satwik Kamarthi 2016 M Franklin, MA
9 Young Gun Lee 2018 F/D Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
10 Nick Ferrari 2016 D/M Littleton, CO
11 Oliver Fair* 2016 M Los Angeles, CA
15 Felicius Bucyukundi 2016 M Louisville, KY
16 Nick Garfinkel 2016 M Hillsborough, CA
17 Jackson Pitcher 2019 D Deerfield, MA
17 David Michaud 2016 D/M Greenwich, CT
18 Nigel Andrews 2016 M/F New York, NY
19 Reid Shilling 2017 D Lincoln, MA
20 Stoney Cohlan 2016 M Palm Beach, FL
21 Brian Davis 2017 D Deerfield, MA
22 A.J. Shea 2017 D/M Somerset, MA
23 Finlay McInerney 2016 M San Francisco, CA
24 Alex Platt 2018 M/D Hinsdale, IL
25 Brian Kagame 2016 D Kigali, Rwanda
26 Cameron Thrasher 2017 D Greenwich, CT
29 Owen Downie 2017 M South Deerfield, MA
Ally Bazarian 2018 Manager Tai Tam, Hong Kong
Bailey Smith 2018 Manager Fort Plain, NY
*denotes Captain
  • Ramesh was born and raised in southern Ontario, and educated in Canada, the US, England, and France. He taught in Canada, England, and Italy before arriving at Deerfield in 2005. Apart from teaching, he has worked in politics, publishing and film, and had a three-year stint in professional soccer twenty-odd years ago. He speaks Italian and French fluently, and has an ongoing research commitment to twentieth-century European history and the history of the Cold War. He currently teaches Western Civilization and US History.

    He lives with his wife, Anna, (a native of Rome and New Hampshire who is trained as an art historian, curator, and librarian) and his children, Claudia and Max, who are the apples of his eye.