Squash, Girls: Junior Varsity

Name Class Hometown
Maya Hart 2018 Montego Bay, Jamaica
Coco Spagna 2016 Austin, TX
Katie Parker 2019 Locust Valley, NY
Hatty Wang 2016 Beijing 100061, China
Hannah Kim 2019 Seoul, Korea
Olivia Jones 2018 Charlottesville, VA
Jacqueline Minor 2017 San Francisco, CA
Audrey McManemin 2017 Dallas, TX
Cassie Deshong 2017 Brooklyn, NY
Lauren Sullivan 2016 Atlanta, GA
Adeliza Grace 2018 Palm Beach, FL
Lily Louis 2018 London SW10 9TB, UK
  • Having learned squash his freshman year at Williams College, Patrick has been an enthusiast of the sport ever since. A dilettante of many sports, Patrick coached middle school girls’ field hockey and boys’ lacrosse at The Pine Cobble School before coming to Deerfield, where he coaches the JV girls’ squash and JV boys’ tennis teams, in addition to teaching mathematics.