At Deerfield, every student is required to be involved in a co-curricular activity each term. Normally, freshmen and sophomore participate in interscholastic sports for two seasons each year. See the game schedule here.

Fall Interscholastic Sports
Cross Country Boys Varsity
Girls Varsity
Field Hockey Girls Varsity | Junior Varsity | Reserve
Football Boys Varsity | Junior Varsity
Soccer Boys Varsity | Junior Varsity | Junior A | Junior B
Girls Varsity | Junior VarsityReserve
Volleyball Girls Varsity | Junior Varsity | Thirds
Water Polo Boys VarsityJunior Varsity


Winter Interscholastic Sports
Alpine Skiing Coed Varsity
Basketball Boys Varsity | Junior Varsity | Thirds | Fourths
Girls Varsity | Junior Varsity
Hockey Boys Varsity | Junior Varsity
Girls Varsity | Junior Varsity
Squash Boys Varsity | Junior VarsityReserve
Girls Varsity | Junior VarsityReserve
Swimming & Diving Boys Varsity
Girls Varsity
Coed Junior Varsity
Wrestling Boys Varsity | Junior Varsity


Spring Interscholastic Sports
Baseball Boys Varsity | Junior Varsity
Crew Boys Varsity
Girls Varsity
Coed Novice
Cycling Coed Varsity
Golf Coed Varsity | Junior Varsity
Lacrosse Boys Varsity | Junior Varsity
Girls Varsity | Junior VarsityReserve
Softball Girls Varsity
Tennis Boys Varsity | Junior Varsity
Girls Varsity | Junior Varsity
Track & Field Coed Varsity
Water Polo Girls Varsity