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Mr. Howe’s Spring Top-10

Carly Barbato – May 22, 2020

It was been an unusual term this spring, but Mr. Howe’s end-of-term top-10 remains constant. As announced at the final Friday Common Room of the 2019-2020 school year, here is Mr. Howe’s Top-10. Enjoy!

Mr. Howe’s Top-10

One day early this March I awoke from my bed so, I went to my set and heard this news I did dread

I learned on that morning that life would soon change. What followed those next days certainly felt strange!

Dr. Austin, Bear Benson and the whole senior team – all worked very hard and never ran out of steam. We owe them great thanks for their planning all spring. Keeping you safe has been their number one thing.

Our Deerfield teams all took a big hit. Every school in New England, in the country, had to just quit. There would be no games and practices for the green and grey. How would this feel? Would we be OK?

This Top Ten isn’t about disappointment and it won’t be about despair. What you’re about to see is how much these seniors care!

The true spirit of a Deerfield Door has never been more true. Sure, all we’ve heard about is this Covid-19 flu……So let’s share why you can be proud of what we do and hold dear what your experience has meant to you!

Without further adeu let’s hear from who’s next. They’ve partnered with me through video and text. This has been the most unique of all springs, but as you’ll see we can be grateful for so many things.

 When I arrived at Deerfield baseball wasn’t doing so hot. This year we would have made waves, we had a real shot.  I’m proud of being a part of a program that has made such great strides since then. It’s special for me to take spot number 10.

We want to thank our teammates and Coach Mollie for cultivating a positive team culture that has been so much fun.  We have been a part of something special and there will be more to come.

My experience on our courts with Coach Austin and friends has been such a special Deerfield experience of mine.   I’m so psyched to be asked to step in at 9.

Some of the best memories I have at Deerfield were with this team.   I loved the start of each match when we would all huddle and scream.

I’m proud of our traditions and will miss all the moments we shared each day. I got to be on a team with Morgan and that turned out okay!

Strong hearts, sharp minds has been our team motto that has consistently shaped the team’s fate. Thanks for letting this great team stand in at number 8!

I love rowing because no matter the skill level, experience or speed of my friends we all are together in that singular boat.   Rowing more than any other sport I know has kept my spirit afloat.

There is no better feeling than the tension and silence in the air before the start of a race. We battle every day and we all will continue to row when we get to that next place.

We’ll take our place here at number 7 this spring. I love all these teams and representing Big Green is a big thing!

Mr. Howe, thanks for giving us our slot at number 6. Everyone knows that this team and our unique camaraderie is where I get my fix! I have been lucky enough to have such amazing captains and teammates over the years. They’ve all inspired me, pushed me, and gave me the confidence to push through my fears.

 As many people say about their teams this program is a family. The bus rides, lacrosse Olympics, sunset practices, and team dinners will never be forgotten by me. We win a lot this program of ours, but I’ve learned the most on just how to be.

The fellas did not get the chance to play this spring and really let things fly. We’ll remember this season  as the season that made us cry. Nevertheless, you can bet in the years to come Deerfield lacrosse will come back and thrive. Thanks for the fun, the rivalries, and for bringing us in at number 5.

I never got the chance to play lacrosse at this fine school. I will next year at Cornell, but I’d like to say Deerfield football was pretty cool!

We play on our beloved Field of Dreams, a far cry from what we had freshman year. The field got better and we got better too. We were the team with the loudest cheer

When we were down we came together which always helped the score. Being there for one another was our recipe for success and puts this team at 4!

Deerfield Ultimate has taught my teammates and me that competition and sportsmanship aren’t mutually exclusive. This truth we’ve never found to be that illusive.

Standing here at number 3 means a lot to my sister and me. The spirit of the game makes Ultimate much more than just tossing the Frisbee.

Track at Deerfield will always be a special memory for me. It’s the mix of competing, winning and losing, and of course the school’s biggest family.

One cannot put into words that feeling you get running in the last event of the day, when everyone’s there cheering you on all the way. A big thanks to all my teammates and coaches who have been so important in helping me get through. I’m proud to be here representing you all with our spot at number 2.

Throughout my four years here it’s become evident to me, that the culture within our teams makes the learning so meaningful and clear. We’ve learned to be leaders, to push others and to influence the right atmosphere.

Standing here with Jimmy in the Top Spot sure does mean a lot. But it is clear to me that we represent the entire class of 2020. Please let’s celebrate together our journey and be true to hold on to every memory.

Forever Big Green. It’s the only way!

See you next year at Choate Day!

Go Big Green!