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Doors of the Week

Carly Barbato – May 21, 2020

Congratulations and many thanks to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Information Technology Services
A huge round of applause for the ITS team who has met everyone’s computer needs this term remotely. Many folks have kept them busy with one issue or another. Many aspects of online learning would not have been possible without their help and support. Furthermore, the production of campus events through Zoom webinars would not have been possible without their rock star help! The entire ITS team has gone above and beyond in this challenging situation, and they always support everyone with such grace, patience, eagerness to help, and kindness. The ITS team: Kim Butz, Ryan Noble, Jansen McNay, Christian Day, Deb McCormick, Ruchi Pandey, Gregory Shearer, Jodi Walsh, John Laprade, Sam Watson, Jason Zalenski, Dillon Maxfield, Jeff Zilch, Andre Cardoso, and Jessie Blakeney-Hayward are hugely deserving of a Green Door recognition!

While we are studying, teaching, and working remotely, the Communications Office has tireless transformed our campus communications this spring term to help us remain connected and informed. Sharing with everyone in our community regular communications during this unusual time. Each week they creatively construct and curate the Friday Common Room for the community. Every week this is masterfully crafted with viewers eager for the clock to strike 8:00 am to receive the email with the link in their inbox. Many thanks to Jessica Day, Brent Hale, Jess Wissemann, Jackie Bunch, Anne Lozier, and Steve Berman for all of their hard work and creativity this spring!

Thank you to all the folks who submitted nominations for this spring’s Doors of the Week!

Go Big Green!