Volleyball (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Taft School (11/04/23 3:30 PM)

Event Details

Today, in the final away match of the season, Deerfield’s JV Girls Volleyball team faced off against a determined Taft team (25-10, 25–17, 25-14). In the first set, Maisy ‘26 set the team off strong, then Alice Wu ‘25 came up to serve and served 12 points consecutively, giving the team a commanding lead. Both Ariana ‘26 and Olivia ‘25 blocked aggressively at the net, placing balls strategically to win points and covering well to keep the ball in play. Taft, however, came back fighting in the second set, and the Deerfield team at first struggled to sustain their momentum. Devon ‘25 took the team on its first service run, but they couldn’t maintain their lead for long. In a surprising turn of events, Ariana—typically a middle hitter, ended up setting a ball at a crucial moment to help the team inch into the lead. Once again, Devon ‘25 was up to serve, and this time DA was able to break into a decisive lead. Kingsley ‘26, our serving specialist, kept the other team on edge with her challenging serves. Silvie ‘26 was active in the final moments of the set, passing and setting effectively to keep the ball in play, and Gracie ‘25 hit a top spin tip that helped secure the win. Now, heading into the third set, the team was ready to play hard and clinch a victory. Olivia ‘25 came out especially strong, covering actively and slamming balls from the set. Allie ‘25 placed serves well throughout the set and especially toward the end, all while consistently setting the ball to position her hitters effectively. In one exciting moment, Maisy ‘26 athletically chased down a wayward ball, sending it back into play for Olivia ‘25 to put away. Devon ‘25 secured the victory with a powerful hit from outside. The team looks forward to our last 3 matches of the season, all at home, and Choate Day next week.