Volleyball (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Stoneleigh-Burnham School (11/01/23 3:00 PM)

Event Details

25-8, 25-10, and 25-12

The game against Stoneleigh-Burnham School was marked by exceptional plays and an unwavering team spirit that led to an impressive three-set victory. The first set started with Allie’s ’25 ace, setting a tone of determination and focus for the team. Despite briefly losing the serve, Alice ’25 had an astounding streak of four consecutive aces. Stoneleigh-Burnham launched powerful swings to the back corner, but the Deerfield JV Volleyball Girls Team came together with outstanding defense. Allie ’25 and Silvie ’26 delivered great sets to Ariana ’26, Devon ’25, and Alice ’25, who each swung and executed kills to the back corner. Kingsley ’25, the team’s serving specialist, added to the excitement with an impressive run of five aces in a row. The set culminated with a remarkable display of big swings and exceptional defensive skills.

The second set saw the team regain the serve early, and Alice ’25, the team’s first server, delivered another fantastic streak of four aces. Maisy ’26 and Karen ’26 consistently had superb sets to Devon ’25 and Olivia ’25, who expertly directed the ball to the back corner of the court, bypassing Stoneleigh-Burnham’s defense. Olivia ’25 served two aces, closing the set in Deerfield’s favor. In the third set, Gracie’s ’25 diving save led to a free ball placed perfectly in the back corner, earning the team a crucial point. Maisy ’25 then showcased her incredible serving skills, igniting the team spirit and keeping the momentum high. The Deerfield Academy JV Girls Volleyball team’s outstanding performance in this match displayed their exceptional teamwork and commitment to excellence. The team looks forward to their upcoming games!