Volleyball (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. St. Paul’s (10/07/23 2:30 PM)

Event Details

Win: 16-25, 25-18, 25-16, 25-10

Deerfield’s Girls JV Volleyball team traveled to St. Paul’s today and came out victorious against a formidable opponent. In the first set, Deerfield started out receiving serve, but Blake ’27 quickly got us a side out and set us up to take an early lead. Allie ’25 put up high and effective sets, and Ariana ’26 had several well-placed tips. But St. Paul’s had high energy and wouldn’t give up: they came back and won the set. Deerfield, however, was ready to fight back. Serving Specialist Kingsley ’25 started us off with 4 aces, which gave the team the momentum it needed. Olivia ’25 had three kills in a row, and Allie ’25 served so effectively the other team tried to ice her–but she was un-ice-able, coming back even stronger with 2 aces. Alice ’25 had an incredible save off a big kill from the opposition. Deerfield took the second set, and we were finally re-energized. In the third set, the teams found themselves tangled in some long points, but Olivia ’25 came out swinging and blocking, keeping Deerfield in the lead. St Paul’s was fighting, though, so Gracie ’25, Devon ’25, and Allie ’25 had to put up a strong defensive. Devon ’25 then went on an incredible service run all while scoring to keep Deerfield ahead. In the final set, Deerfield was electric–cheering from the bench and on the court. Alice ’25 was swinging fearlessly, and Maisy ’26, always a commanding presence on the court, was ready to take some risks, including one setter dump in the set’s final moments. Olivia ’25 clinched the victory with a powerful block. This was a tough match up and the Deerfield team is proud of their ability to shake off the initial setback and come back stronger than ever.