Cycling, Coed: Varsity vs. East Coast Collegiate Cycling

Event Details

The “A” boys headed up into the hills of Warwick, MA for the final road race of the East Coast Collegiate Cycling Conference season.  Julian, Alex and Merritt all entered the “D” field of 67 cyclists prepared a a very challenging 32 mile race.  The course consisted of two 16 mile loops with many small hills and a single massive climb!  Unfortunately, the day ended early for Merritt as he had a front flat tire only 5 miles in to the race.  After the first lap Alex held a 2 minute lead over a chasing group of ten but he “hit the wall” and completely drained himself, unable to make it up the climb a second time and limped off to the van to get some calories to recover….he’ll eat breakfast in the future.  Julian hung tough throughout the race and ended up finishing 17th out of 67, a great race for Julian!