Field Hockey: Reserve ties Suffield

Event Details

Deerfield Reserves played their best game yet against the Suffield Academy JV Squad. The teams were pretty evenly matched, and there was fast action at both ends.  Both coaches were so proud to see the team improve their defensive marking. Mary Blake Zeron ’21, Anne Brown ’21, Izzy Hamlen ’21 and Saadhya Bahudodda ’20 once again formed a solid defensive unit that held Suffield scoreless.  Eliza Winsor ’21 and Isabella Rolfe ’21 played hard in the midfield and kept pushing the ball back into the offensive end. Ally Kell ’21, Charlotte Molinari ‘21 and Arden Anderson ’21 worked together for some fabulous passing combinations while Kareena Bhakta ’20 and Nadia Shahin ’21 showed how much they had improved their sticks skills by maneuvering the ball well on the fast turf. All in all, The Big Green showed how much they had improved the accuracy of their passes and their game sense.

The second half saw The Big Green turn up their intensity on offense by earning 6 penalty corners and creating some exciting scoring opportunities. Suffield’s defense, however, stepped up to keep the shots out of the cage. Janice Chen ’20 had 10 saves on the day. The game may have ended in a tie, but it was the strongest game from this team has played so far this season.