Field Hockey: Reserve defeats Amherst

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Deerfield Reserve Field Hockey downs Amherst 1-0

In the rematch of local rival Amherst, it was clear that both teams had improved from their opening season match that ended with a 2-1 win by DA. Right from the opening whistle, both teams passed the ball well and created action in both ends of the field.  Though Amherst put pressure on the Deerfield defense, Janice Chen ’20 was ready for them and made great saves to keep the Hurricanes scoreless. Once again, Saadhya Bahudodda ‘21, Izzy Hamlen ‘21, Anne Brown ‘21 and Mary Blake Zeron ‘21 played solid defense.

Despite some heated battles for the ball in the midfield, Eliza Winsor ’21, Isabella Rolfe ’21 and Charlotte Molinari ’21 worked together and regained possession to jumpstart our offensive momentum.  Midway through the first half, Isabella Rolfe ’21 sent a blasting through pass up field to Ally Kell ’21. Kell avoided two defenders before sending a hard shot across the goalmouth. With a hard ricochet, the ball found the back of the net making is 1-0 going into the half.

The second half saw more intense play in both ends with Nadia Shahin ’21, Kareena Bhakta ’21 and Arden Anderson ’21 working hard to generate offensive opportunities. Though we had a series of great opportunities in front of the net, the score remained 1-0 as Deerfield held onto the win.