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Hockey: Varsity Girls vs. Williston

After getting halfway to Williston on Wednesday afternoon before having to turn around due to a freak snowstorm, the Big Green made the trek yet again on Thursday for a rare evening match-up. This was a day full of adversity for the Deerfield players, as we found out right before our departure time that two of our top six forwards would be unable to join us. A few broken or dull skates also made life interesting once we got there, but this group of girls really pulled together and battled their hearts out. Regardless of who was skating on their line, all of the forwards forechecked tenaciously and played tough defense. Though the mixed up lines limited our offensive fluidity, especially on the power play, we were able to generate a bunch of good chances with hard work and extra effort. Everyone deserves special mention today, but Elliot Gilbert ’16 and Rachel Sit ’16 both stepped up admirably into bigger roles. Devinne Cullinane ’14, Kayla  O’Connor ’14, Meghan Halloran ’17, and Taylor Morash ’16 were absolute workhorses; they really rose to the occasion and held the depleted forward group together. All six defensemen played a smart and tough game; in fact, all three of Williston’s goals came from shots from the point or the outside. After a tough first period, Emily Yue ’16 really rallied and made some huge saves down the stretch (27 total) to keep her team in the game. All in all, Deerfield should be incredibly proud of its effort, resilience, and composure today—this game was a true testament of our character and team spirit. We look forward to one final game at home on Saturday against Loomis. Many thanks to the Kennedys and Lineberrys for the chili, cornbread, drinks, and snacks after the game!