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Soccer, Boys: Varsity loses to Loomis

It was a cold Wednesday afternoon in Connecticut as the Deerfield Academy Soccer team prepared to play against Loomis Chaffee, a very tough opponent in the league. The team arrived dressed to play and the warmup was brief but intense. The wet field gave Loomis and Deerfield  a lot of trouble as both teams struggled to find the correct pace early on in the game. The Deerfield team got off to a good start with the return of Ben Garfinkel (15) and Mark DesLauriers (16) at the outside backs. After 13 minutes of hard work from both teams, Deerfield’s back line had trouble clearing the ball out of the box and  Loomis’ Aaron Dang scored on a head ball  from teammate Prosper Figbe. The Deerfield team kept their heads up and continued to work hard. Some great combination play in the middle of the field from Max McEvoy (15) and Joe Callinan (14) created a lot of good opportunities for the Deerfield team. However, the Loomis team counterattacked and continued to get good chances from one of their 10 corner kicks. About halfway through the first half Loomis’  Paulus Aklilu scored on a low cross in the box from teammate Aaron Dang putting Loomis up 2-0. Deerfield, however, continued to fight hard and were able to generate some good chances around and in the box as the half progressed. In the 39th minute Deerfield’s Cole Horton (14) hit a free kick from around half field that skidded through the Loomis’ keepers legs resulting in a Deerfield goal. The half ended at 2-1 after some more Deerfield opportunities. Deerfield entered the second half with a lot of determination to win this game. After 15 minutes of great work from Deerfield’s back line with new addition Olli Hill (15), a ball from a Loomis midfielder found the foot of Richard Ochefije right in front of the goal once again due to the failure to clear the ball around the box. Nevertheless, the Deerfield team kept its composure and showed great determination to come back in the game. Unfortunately, after some great chances created by Deerfield’s Steven Baisch (14), Camil Blanchet(14), and ZZ Salvador(14) the score after 90 minutes remained 3-1. Deerfield will be hosting Exeter this weekend for their parents weekend and will be looking to get their first win in front of what’s sure to be a great crowd.


Game Summary by Tommy Cleary (15).



Loomis 3

Deerfield 1



Loomis 10

Deerfield 5



Loomis 1

Deerfield 6


Corner Kicks

Loomis 10

Deerfield 3



Loomis 19

Deerfield 8



Cole Horton – Deerfield – Yellow (tripping)



13th minute – Loomis #13 (Aaron Dang) from #5 (Prosper Figbe)

22nd minute – Loomis #21(Paulus Aklilu) from #13 (Aaron Dang)

39th minute – Deerfield #26 (Cole Horton)

60th minute – Loomis #10 (Richard Ochefije)