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Soccer, Boys: Varsity loses to Exeter

It was a beautiful fall day as the Big Green stepped onto the field to take on Philips Exeter Academy.  The boys were all in and ready to battle it out.  However, the Big Green came out slow, giving up a goal within the first minute of play.  The rest of the half was filled with strong defending against the persistent Exeter offense.  Cole Horton (’14), Kyle Burns(’14), Marky Mark DesLauriers(’16), and Ben Garfinkel(’15) held up the back line and repelled the athletic attackers.  As the halfway mark approached, a quick counter attack from Exeter found its way into the net.  As the second half began, the boys from the Big Green came out with a little more pace and urgency about their play.  Led by the dribbling skills of Joe Callinan(’14), the athleticism of Brendan OC(’16) and Timmy Edmonds(’14), and the determination of every player on the field, the boys were able to apply almost constant pressure throughout the second half.  Finally, the goal came through with about 16 minutes left in the half, when OC found the back off a beautiful cross from Timmy.  As spirits rose, more pressure was applied, and the boys possessed the ball and controlled the tempo of the game.  The Big Green managed to gain numerous chances off of crosses and possession through the middle of the field.  However, as the clock wound down, the scoreboard still read 2-1 in favor of Exeter.  The boys on the Big Green never backed down, and fought hard until the end.


Summary provided by Stephen Baisch (2014)



Exeter 10

Deerfield 8



Exeter 2

Deerfield 5



Exeter 8

Deerfield 8


Corner Kicks

Exeter 5

Deerfield 2



1st minute Exeter #23 (Ted Hart)

43rd minute Exeter #23 (Ted Hart)

74th minute Deerfield #9 (Brendan O’Connell) from #24 (Tim Edmonds) and #20 (Ian Kagame)



30th minute Exeter #9 Trevor Cosgrove Yellow; aggressive tackle

63rd minute Deerfield #1 Joe Callinan Yellow; tackle from behind