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Soccer, Boys: Varsity loses to Andover

It was a bitter Autumn day, yet things were looking up for Deerfield soccer. We finally had a nearly full and healthy squad. Also we had sufficient time to rest and prepare with no game on the prior Wednesday. We started the game optimistically. Starting in the first half, our high pressure system worked very well, forcing errors on Andover and we started to gain a foothold in the game. We capitalized on their errors and took full advantage with a few close chances. We started to take hold of possession as well. We pushed Andover into their own half. We generated numerous attacks with the multiple crosses from Tim Edmonds on the left flank, who rushed past the opposition’s right back. However, our high pressure system couldn’t contain the talent of Andover as they managed to cause a couple of scares for our defense in the first half. In the 39th minute, we were awarded a free kick on the left side around thirty five yards out. Cole Horton drove a low ball towards the front post. Tim Edmonds flicked it on to Joe Callinan, who touched past the Andover goalkeeper. 1-0 for Deerfield.

In the second half, Andover reorganized and attacked with full might. In the 50th minute, Andover scored making the game 1-1. Andover continued to pressure our goal. Andover had a majority of the possession in the second half and we couldn’t really get out of our own half. In 74th minute, Andover scored again from a rocket shot outside of our own 18. Yet, we didn’t give up. We tried to tie the game with a few solid chances. The game ended in an unfortunate 2-1 against the undefeated Andover.

Summary provided by Joe Callinan (2014)


Deerfield 39th minute – #1 Joe Callinan, from #2 Cole Horton

Andover 50th minute – #2 Nick DiStefano

Andover 74th minute – #10 Dylan Mott


Andover 13

Deerfield 6


Andover 2

Deerfield 9

Corner Kicks

Andover 8

Deerfield 0


Andover 5

Deerfield 10