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Soccer: Varsity Boys lost to Kent

Game summary submitted by Max Chesky (2015)


Kent 1

DA 0

Starting off a beautiful Saturday, the Deerfield boys soccer team headed off on a long journey to Kent. Though our team seems to have caught the injury virus, we were unfazed and were prepared to take down the lions. We kicked off around 4:30 and started the game well, fending off attack after attack. The momentum began to switch around 15 minutes in when Oliver Hill (’15) sent in a beautiful cross to Ian Kagame’s (’15) head. The goalie made a spectacular save and was able to thwart one of our best chances of the game. Our central midfielders Jackson Watson (’15) and Zz Salvador (’14) were able to find seams through Kent’s back line and put through multiple killer passes to Stephen Baisch (’14). Strikers Brendan O’Connell (’16) and Max McEvoy (’15) were constant threats through the middle and provided strong outlets. With 15 minutes left in the first half Kent was awarded a free kick from 25 yards out and scored one of the best goals we will see all season with a shot bent around the wall into the top corner on the far post. Our team kept their spirits high and we continued to fight back. Shortly after, Mark Deslauriers (’16) suffered a broken wrist requiring us to prove how deep our lineup really is.

At the start of the second half we came out playing the hardest we had all game with a determined attitude, being led by Stephen Baisch, the player who never quits. We began to generate lots of opportunities that were sparked from our center backs Cole Horton (’14) and Kyle Burns (’14). We kept applying unrelenting pressure, and we were knocking at the door the entire second half. With 20 minutes left Cole Horton received an unfortunate red card which allowed for players such as Skyler Perot (’14) and Tommy Cleary (’15) to step into the spotlight and prove to Kent how good they are at defending. Even with 10 men we didn’t lie down; everyone on the bench participated. The final whistle blew and even after a valiant effort, the scoreboard still read Kent 1 Deerfield 0. We proved yesterday that our team knows how to fight and play well against one of the better teams in New England, and we look forward to carrying this energy back home against Salisbury on Wednesday.