Music Facilities

Elizabeth Wachsman Concert Hall

At once spacious and intimate, the hall features advanced acoustical design, versatile shades for precision control of natural light, a projection screen with Apple TV, a built-in audio system, and two Steinway D pianos. This is the main performance and rehearsal venue for our orchestra, chamber ensembles, and choirs.

Hess Auditorium

Our full proscenium theater with state-of-the-art motorized rigging, advanced sound system, and LED lighting is capable of seating the entire student body and faculty. Large productions are featured here, as well as school meetings and other school-wide events.

Recording Studio

Students love creating music in our fully modernized multi-track recording studio. The control room includes five production stations outfitted with Protools®, Ableton Live®, Sibelius®, and Digital Performer®. The live room boasts an arsenal of microphones, a grand piano, a variety of keyboards, and a plethora of percussion equipment and guitar/bass amps. String players can also experiment with our electric cello, viola, and two violins.

Practice/Rehearsal Rooms

In addition to our large ensemble spaces, twelve separate practice/rehearsal rooms alleviate scheduling conflicts between classes, rehearsals, coachings, and private lessons, allowing students the flexibility to individually practice whenever they find free time in their schedules.