Unlock new ways of seeing.


The arts contribute greatly to campus life. From studio art classes, to photography, film & video, and advanced acting tutorials, every Deerfield student participates in the arts. Whether it's music, dance, or design, students gain energy and essential skills from the arts at Deerfield.

Find Your Focus

Art classes taught by artists, acting classes taught by actors. Faculty devoted to spreading their craft.

  • Come Back

    Follow Deerfield student Taro Jones and his creative process of choreographing a completely original dance piece inspired by profound emotional moments in his life.

  • The Arts at Deerfield

    Discover a vision of the arts at Deerfield, painted in pixels by student-artist Shawn Wang.

  • Under Deconstruction

    Josie was asked to carve up her canvas—and make her art “pop” more. But the fear she felt yielded greater confidence.

Lessons in the Arts

The inside of our classrooms is where the magic happens. Come take a look.

  • Warming Up for Theater

    To perform well on stage or in rehearsal actors must first be warmed up!

  • Negative Spaces

    Learn to dance in negative spaces with Ms. Whitcomb and her introduction to dance class.


“As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you.”

—Amy Poehler

Art Courses

Deerfield offers more than 50 different classes in the visual and performing arts—each taught by a true practitioner.

  • Speak the Speech

    The works of William Shakespeare are meant to be spoken aloud, not just read independently.

  • Architectural Design

    Students are introduced to architecture through a series of lectures, readings, and drawing and design exercises.

  • AP Art History

    Exploring history through artwork offers an approach for understanding our global community from a visual perspective.

    Browse more visual and performing arts courses—or check out our complete course catalog.

On Exhibit, On Stage

Outside of class, events, speakers, and clubs offer the opportunity to expand knowledge—or to pursue a single question more deeply.

  • Visiting Artists: Ken Burns

    Emmy and Grammy Award winning filmmaker Ken Burns returns to Deerfield to showcase his newest project.

  • Dance Showcases

    Each term students are given the opportunity to display their dancing and choreographing skills to the community.

  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo

    The Grammy Award-winning South African singing group will be on campus February 15, bringing new music to Deerfield.