More than a century ago, legendary Deerfield Headmaster Frank L. Boyden told parents, “Pay what you can.” That commitment to supporting students has not changed: We continue to partner with families to bridge the gap between the cost of a Deerfield education and what they can afford to pay. Deerfield meets 100% of a family’s demonstrated need.

Can my family actually afford a Deerfield education?

The Financial Aid Office at Deerfield works to meet your family’s need. Using a need-based analysis, we determine what your family can afford, taking into account such important factors as income, assets, cost of living, family size and siblings in tuition charging schools. Our calculation allows us to be generous and makes Deerfield a possibility for 37% of our total student population. In fact, more than 50% of our students receiving financial aid come from households with a total income of less than $125,000.

How much assistance will my family receive?

Every family has their own set of financial circumstances. We review each case and consider all factors to make sure that our grant amount is fair and equitable. The below chart may help to give you an idea of what grants look like at Deerfield for families that qualify for assistance.

2019-2020 Income/Family Tuition Contribution Amounts at Deerfield Academy

Family Income Average Family Contribution Family Contribution Range
$0-75,000 $1,995  $0-10,840
$75,001-125,000  $5,900 $0-21,840
$125,001-175,000 $11,650 $1,000-31,840
$175,001-225,000 $14,400 $4,000-28,140
$225,001-275,000 $19,600 $7,000-46,840
$275,000+ $27,800 $13,840-48,100


Please note:  The wide ranges represented in each income level are indicative of each family’s unique situation. Two families may have the same income level but have completely different financial obligations. Families in the upper-income levels most often have significant factors that contribute to them qualifying for financial aid, most often this is the effect of multiple children in tuition-charging schools.