Tuition and fees cover the cost of academic instruction, room and board, athletic and art programs, on-campus student activities, Macbook use and support, and the use of our campus health center.

 2016-17 Tuition Academic
Technology Health Center Total
Boarding $56,770 $1,100 $800 $480 $59,150
Day $40,695 $1,100 $800 $195 $42,790

Payment Options


When a student is accepted at Deerfield, parents will be asked to confirm the acceptance and forward a tuition deposit of $2500 within 4 weeks. This deposit is non-refundable and will be credited to the tuition bill.

While the Academy traditionally bills tuition twice yearly, in July and November, families may subscribe to a monthly payment plan offered through Smart Tuition.  This option allows for the convenience of monthly payments over a nine month period.  There is a small enrollment fee and no interest charges for this plan.