Why Deerfield

Community of Character

Character, integrity, and responsible citizenship guide student life in the Deerfield community. We live the goal of celebrating each student’s unique perspective to foster an inclusive educational community. Deerfield’s program emphasizes students’ roles as conscientious leaders in the community and the world.

Academic Excellence

We offer small, discussion-based courses in a wide range of academic disciplines. Our faculty has designed a variety of interdepartmental courses, team-taught by two or more faculty members, to enable students to create new and innovative interdisciplinary skill sets.  Individual research, off-campus study opportunities, advanced Alternate Study electives, and 19 AP courses provide students with exceptional academic opportunity.  

Faculty Commitment

Deerfield teachers seek to know every student and use that knowledge to advise that student in how to contribute his or her best self to the community. At Deerfield, teaching extends beyond the classroom to the dining table, the co-curricular activity, and the dormitory, to create a well-rounded and individually tailored educational experience for our students.

Arts and Athletics

Students at Deerfield are encouraged to participate in both arts and athletics. The Arts play a significant role in the life of the school. Deerfield’s  visual and performing arts department offers a wide variety of academic courses in our innovative Center for the Arts. Students can also choose to participate in the performing arts as a co-curricular activity.

Deerfield has a long and proud tradition in athletics. Students gain physical skills as well as foster sportsmanship and camaraderie through our co-curricular interscholastic and intramural teams. Our on-campus athletic facilities include over 90 acres of athletic fields, and our nearby off-campus facilities include a state-of-the-art boathouse, a first-rate golf course, and a downhill skiing site.

Student Life

Deerfield is dedicated to creating a warm and supportive environment for our students. Dorm life fosters a sense of community on campus. Dorm proctors, peer counselors, and peer tutors offer classmates valuable support. Clubs and organizations play a major role in life at the Academy. Student hangouts such as the Greer Center, the Koch Café, and the dorm provide opportunities for students to strengthen friendships and foster community spirit.

Spirit and Tradition

The Academy’s tradition is held in our sense of place. The historic village of Deerfield in the Connecticut River Valley offers a long and rich American heritage. At Deerfield, our time-honored traditions foster lifelong bonds. Weekly gatherings such as school meetings, cookies and cocoa, dorm feeds, and sit-down meals draw our Deerfield community together.